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Founded in 1926 by a group of famous publishers in Shanghai, Kaiming Press is one of the earliest publishing organizations.

After years of development, Kaiming Press has been a well-known large comprehensive publisher with lots of branches throughout all the country. Kaiming Press has owned its unique brands and had an advantage of publishing books on Chinese learning and teaching, Mathematical Olympiad, English Teaching, psychology, educational theory and teaching Research, the history of publishing and so on. Relying on high quality and good service, Kaiming has earned a good reputation among readers and publishers.

For exploring new opportunities, Kaiming Press is looking forward more business cooperation with publishing organizations from all over the world.


1926, Kaiming Press was founded by a group of Chinese famous publishers ( like Zhang Xichen, Ye Shengtao, Xian Mianzun, Zheng Zhenduo, Mao Dun) in Shanghai, called Kaiming Bookstore.

1949, Kaiming Bookstore was managed by Chinese government.

1988, Kaiming Bookstore changed to Kaiming Bookstore.

This year is the 85th Anniversary of Kaiming Press.